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BLOG: Why Supporting Local is Important

Published on Friday, 11 December 2020

Use it or lose it.

The harsh reality is our local economy is more important and fragile than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has taken its toll on your favourite high street retailers, including independents that rely heavily on foot fall.

We want to encourage shoppers to support their local high streets over the coming months, in a safe and secure way. Otherwise, this time next year, they may no longer be around.

But shopping local is more than just popping into your favourite boutique or deli. When you are shopping local you are contributing to your local economy and community.



Staying local has a huge impact on reinvestment of:

  • Local schools
  • NHS services
  • Creating real jobs
  • Increased value on residential properties for prosperous town centres

With lockdown restrictions changing so often, businesses and consumers are left confused and worry about whether or not they will survive what should be their busiest time of year.

This is where, we, as consumers come in. We can support our local shops survive by taking time to research what is in the local area.

As fast and convenient as it is to do all your shopping on Amazon, the difference it can make if you go to a local retailer’s website or social media page to buy is the difference in them surviving this year into the next.

Lockdown and the changes that have been made in terms of how we shop has changed, We’ve seen the return of milkmen in certain areas of the country.

Because not everyone has wanted to queue to get into a huge supermarket or order their supplies online. For those of us who didn’t wish to venture too far from home relying on the local high street to keep us going and reconnecting with our community, has been a lifeline.

Supporting local businesses also has multiple advantages, not least of which, in findings by American Express, a thriving high street increases property values in the area by up to £40,000.

Other advantages include:

Supporting local supply chains who support a wealth of other industries. These include professional services to cleaning and suppliers, having a knock on effect on the wider economy.

  • Independent retailers are more flexible and can adapt to local needs

  • Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business

So, why is supporting local important? Well in doing so you are supporting livelihoods, dreams and most importantly supporting local keeps your local community and home thriving.

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