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Dr. Susanne Evans - Feldspar Consulting

Dr. Susanne Evans - Feldspar Consulting

Director, Feldspar Consulting Limited

Matched to: Sharmans Cross Junior School

Why did you become an Enterprise Adviser?
I decided to become an Enterprise Adviser as, having worked in HR for many years, I could see that young people were not necessarily getting the opportunity to develop the skills that they needed to succeed at work, during their education. I also wanted to enable young people to see what opportunities are there for them, beyond their own experience or the experience of people at school or at home.

What do you enjoy most in your role as an Enterprise Adviser?

I really enjoy working in a Primary School to identity opportunities to bring Life Ready skills into the school day. This can be finding people to speak in assemblies or creating links to work in every day activities, for example by creating an application process for children applying to be prefects etc. I love working with the children to talk about their aspirations for the future and trying to see if I can find someone who can talk to them and inspire them.

Overview of your chosen career or career pathway to your current role.

After completing my A-Levels I went to University to do a Business Management degree and then got a job on the graduate scheme at one of the Big 4 Consultancy firms. I worked as an HR and Change consultant, spending 10 years working in London and Birmingham on a variety of projects. After my daughter was born in 2005, I decided that although I loved my job, I wanted to do less travelling so in 2007 I launched Feldspar Consulting. I work as a consultant in many different companies and with individuals across the Midlands and beyond. This involves helping organisations with projects and one off pieces of work as well as doing one to one coaching for individuals. I really love the variety of my job and the fact that I get to meet lots of different people. Feeling like I can make a difference to people is also really important.


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