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Post 16 Tracking Team

You or your parent/guardian, may have had a call, text message, or email from one of our Tracking Team asking you for information about what you/your child is now doing. Here’s why: –

Solihull Council has the responsibility to track all young people who are educated in Solihull in Year 11 or live in Solihull up to the end of the academic year in which they turn 18, on whether they are in education, employment or training, this extends to their 25th birthday for young people with an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).

We have a statutory duty to send this information to the Department for Education each month (we report purely on numbers not by individual) and it needs to be accurate. You may have already told us what you are doing but we need to make sure it’s still the same after a certain period of time.

We receive regular enrolment and withdrawal data from local schools and colleges. If we are notified that you/your child is no longer attending, we may contact you to offer support and ensure we have an up to date destination recorded.

E-mails will come from iocomms@solihull.gov.uk or post16tracking@solihull.gov.uk and text messages from 07786 203100 (this number does not accept incoming calls), you will be able to reply directly to these.

If we are unable to confirm you/your child’s current destination using phone call/text or e-mail we may visit you at home to collect this information.  If you no longer live in Solihull, please get in touch to let us know your new address as the Local Authority where you now live is responsible for collecting this information. 

If you require any further information, please e-mail: post16tracking@solihull.gov.uk 

For more information on the statutory duties placed on Local Authorities and to view our Privacy Notice, please see links below:
Participation of young people: education, employment and training - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
Privacy Notice - Employment and Skills (solihull.gov.uk)


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