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Programme Agreement

This document sets out the roles and responsibilities between the school/college senior leader, the Enterprise Adviser, the Enterprise Co-ordinator and the school governor with responsibility for careers.

Download Careers & Enterprise Company Memorandum of Understanding (Secondary schools, Colleges & SEND schools) 

Skills for Success Matrix

The Skills for Success matrix is based on two CBI report ‘First Steps: A New Approach for our Schools’ and ‘Time Well Spent’ and identifies the behaviours, competencies and attitudes valued by employers. 

Download Skills for Success Matrix


The Same and Different Wheels

A careers model from our SEND partners, Talentino, which identifies aspects of the careers process for young people with SEND helping increase the understanding of employers and families.

Learners likely to take GCSE's

Learners unlikely to take GCSE's


Life Ready Journey

An example of Life Ready activity delivered from foundation level through to Key Stage 5. It could help schools to develop their plans and includes local examples of activities, references to employability skills and a suggested guideline of time for employer encounter activities. 

Download Life Ready Journey


Pupil Self-Assessment Forms

The pupil self-assessment forms are for student self reflection following a careers activity or employer encounter. Student’s should be encouraged to record and evidence the employability Skills for Success they have developed and demonstrated. 

Download Example 1 Pupil Self-Assessment Form

Download Example 2 Pupil Self-Assessment Form


Activity Agreement between School/College and Visitor

These agreements can help schools/colleges and employers to better plan the career or enterprise activity being delivered. It sets out expectations of both the school/college and employer.

Download Activity Agreement between School/College and Visitor

Download the School visitors agreement form


Activity De-brief School 

 A short form for the school representative (i.e. teacher, careers advisor) to complete following an employer activity, to reflect on impact and learning and to help inform future activities. 

Download Activity De-brief School


Activity De-brief Visitor

A short form for the employer to complete following delivery of an activity in a school or college, to reflect on the success and identify opportunities for improvement.

Download Activity De-brief Visitor



A JPEG of logos that can be used on documentation such as; school letters, lesson presentations, employer presentations.

Download Life Ready logo
Download Solihull Careers Hub logo (for secondary's/colleges only)

Careers Events Calendar 2020/21

A Careers events calendar for the academic year 2020/21 to help Careers Leaders to plan their Careers Programme.

Download Events Calendar 2020/21 for Careers Leaders

Download CEC CPD Events Calendar autumn term 2020/21

Alumni Guide

Reaching out to ex students to return and share their experiences and insights into the world of work is a great way to deliver Life Ready. This guide shows you how to establish an alumnus. 

Download Alumni Guide




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